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At Zenith Management Corp, we take pride in our management capabilities; we recognize that when properties are placed with us for management that we have accepted a significant responsibility. We view it as an honor and an opportunity and we are anxious to perform.

Management of your property to us means:

  • Maximizing the yields of the properties...real estate is an investment of capitol and it needs to be constantly measured against other investment opportunities, both within the real estate market and elsewhere, to insure that the best possible yields from the capital being realized. We recognize that yield can be in net revenues, in shelter, in financing and in residual values, that it can be investment of idle funds for the float, conversion to more energy efficient utilities or stabilizing the tenant base...
  • Preservation of the assets...Zenith Management Corp is an intense, "hands-on" management team, keenly aware of and constantly monitoring for the warning signs of property deterioration. Over time we have developed comprehensive preventive and corrective maintenance programs, and we have the depth of expert advisors necessary to carry out these programs...
  • Provision of timely, concise and complete reporting on the performance of these properties... the reporting requirements for properties vary greatly, reflecting both the financing and equity structures of the properties.
  • Assist in the preparation of budget... with such wide range of experience, Zenith Management Corp knows what it will cost to operate a property and what its reasonable yield expectations should be. We are prepared to share these thoughts with you in the preparation of a budget, as well as multi-year goals.
  • Recommend market strategy and positioning. There are so many considerations in the determination of a property’s position in the market, and how best to achieve that position.

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